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Unfortunately we have discovered that around 70 bottles of Batch 25 of our Birch Original gin have been mislabelled. The back label that has been put on is the Sumatra back label. These bottles have been sold mainly at the Wadhurst and Penshurst Farmers markets. Whilst this won't affect the quality we do understand that it is annoying especially if you have purchased the bottle as a gift. We apologise wholeheartedly for the inconvenience. If you have purchased one of these bottles please contact Justin on 07947 684684 so we can rectify the situation. Thank you.

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NEW! Birch Gin's "SUMATRA." A stunning coffee and cardamom gin delicious neat with ice or as a long drink with ginger ale.

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Birch Gin | Handcrafted in the UK | Shop Online

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"Best Gin! I keep on buying it so it must be good!"

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Award Winning Gin

"Birch Gin is so smooth and to me a delicate flavour. I have already reserved a couple of bottles from the next batch to share with family and friends. Justin and Dawn thank you for making my go to gin." -Ruth Smith

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"Delicious, refreshing, different, very drinkable..... all gone!!!!" -Hayley Jack

Gin Talk

"Well done Justin a marvellous creation. We took your advice about the rosemary and it is spot on. A smooth gin with great flavours. Looking forward to the next bottle!" -Lawrie Jeffries

Gin Talk

Justin Birch - Birch Gin Creator | NEW UK Produced Premium Micro Batch Gin

About The Creator

The Story of Birch Gin

In 2010 I travelled from my then home in Singapore where my choice of Gin was two mass manufactured gins and landed straight into the UK craft gin explosion. To say this was inspiration, is an understatement…

 Over the next ten years I did a lot of research, read a lot of recipes (starting from 1495), and began making my own gin. I bored my wife Dawn by trying almost every botanical and herb, looking for that perfect blend. A big fan of fusion cooking, I wanted a refreshing journey through British herbs, Mediterranean citrus and spice from the Far East. My goal was to make a gin that appealed to me, but also to Dawn, who didn’t like the bitterness of London Dry gins.

Never one to cut corners, I tried every gin-making method before settling firmly on the one-shot method, distilling the exact number of botanicals in one go and never adding concentrate or compounding afterwards. Only 2-3% of the world’s gin is made using this truly special method. Uniquely, one of the ingredients in Birch Gin is birch syrup, rare and expensive with a dark, caramel yet spicy flavour. Sap is tapped from Birch trees in March and is prized for its health benefits. 100 litres of evaporated sap creates 1 litre of birch syrup.

 We moved back to the UK in 2014 and by 2020, some ten years after starting, I finally achieved both the flavours and taste journey I was seeking. Soon all of our friends were asking for a bottle or two, or more... This huge demand was difficult to keep up with. Sourcing a suitable still led to some fascinating conversations with micro distillers. One of those conversations was with Andrew Parsons, winner of The World’s Best Contemporary Gin at the World Gin Awards. A bond was formed and some outstanding gin was made in a traditional alembic copper still. Dawn was also rather pleased as it meant I wouldn’t be blowing our house up.   

 Thanks for reading this, I welcome you to take a refreshing stroll through the citrus groves of Soller, Mallorca followed by meandering through a British herb garden, rounded off with delicate, lingering Asian spices.  

 Try it out for yourself and let me know what you think.


Get Creative

Birch Cocktails

NEW Birch Gin Cocktails | | Shop Online

Add ice to whisky glass/lowball, 25ml Birch Gin, 25ml sweet Vermouth, 25ml Campari and 1 strip of orange zest


NEW Birch Gin Cocktails | | Shop Online

Add ice to lowball, then add 50ml Birch Gin and 20ml lime, 15ml sugar syrup and 6-8 mint leaves to finish


NEW Birch Gin Cocktails | | Shop Online

Fill large wine glass with ice - 25ml Birch Gin add 1/2 glass Prosecco, top up with Aperol and add a slice of orange

Birch Spritz

NEW Gin | UK Produced | | Shop Online

Review by The Gin Den

NEW Birch Gin Blend | UK Produced | Shop Online
Birch Gin | Handcrafted in the UK | Shop Online

“... Distilled using the one-shot method, an approach taken by only around 3% of the World’s gins...”

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m:  +44 7947 684 684

Our offices are at 1 The Institute, Wadhurst, TN5 6AP