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Mostly Food & Cocktails reviews Birch Sumatra Gin

Birch with Spice! Unique Sumatra Gin I am a spirits reviewer, that’s true, but I am not actually much of a gin drinker. I find that so many are samey, harsh and uninteresting. This Sumatra Gin from Birch is perfectly to my taste and doubtless to that of many others. I had expected good things from this small yet marvellously appointed company. I have tried their wares before, so a well-formed and balanced gin was no surprise, but Birch’s Sumatra Gin is a little out of the ordinary. It’s a sipping gin and one to be enjoyed either by the fire with a good book or in the last glow of summer sun under a shady tree. Birch Gins all...

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Out and about - where to find us

We love to get out and about and to meet you face to face, it's so much nicer. Come and say hi, you can sample our gin, chat about how we make it and purchase a bottle there and then. Keep an eye open for our 2022 dates and locations.  We're looking to take Birch Gin further afield, so you can all enjoy our craft gin, until then, you can order online, or visit one of our stockists.  We look forward to seeing you :)  

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