The Birch Cocktails

We love a cocktail here at Birch Gin... made with our gin of course, but there's nothing quite like mixing it up a bit and seeing what flavours you can bring out. So, we've gathered together a few of our favourites for you to try - ENJOY!

The Sumatra Martini

Sumatra Martini - Birch Gin Cocktail

This Sumatra Martini is something special, giving you a sublime combination of smoke, leather and bitter chocolate.  To experience it for yourself, you need:

… you can get the other ingredients from Master of Malt, who also stock all our lovely gins!  We've linked them for you to make life easier. 

Add the liquid ingredients to your favourite cocktail shaker

STEP 2:       
Shake with ice and then pour into a cocktail glass, any shape you like

STEP 3:     
Add a single Sumatran coffee bean, it’s that perfect finishing touch and makes all the difference, but, if you don’t have one to hand, skip this step!

STEP 4:     
Sit back in front of the fire and enjoy this perfect cocktail

STEP 5:       
Make another!

Although Sumatra is a fantastic base for an awesome Martini, it makes the perfect sipping gin and can also be enjoyed with ginger ale for a delightful long drink.

The Negroni

Negroni Birch Gin Cocktail

What you need to make the perfect Negroni:

  • 25ml Birch Gin
  • 25ml Sweet Vermouth
  • 25ml Campari
  • 1 strip of orange zest


STEP 1:        Add ice to whisky glass/low ball

STEP 2:      Add the liquid ingredients… and stir

STEP 3:        Garnish with your orange zest

Sit back, relax and enjoy.

The Southside

Southside Birch Gin Cocktail

  • Add ice to lowball, then add 50ml Birch Gin
  • 20ml lime
  • 15ml sugar syrup
  • 6-8 mint leaves to finish 

The Birch Spritz

Birch Spritz Gin Cocktail

  • Fill a large wine glass with 25ml Birch Gin
  • Add ½ glass prosecco
  • Top up with Aperol
  • Add a slice of orange


We'll keep adding to our list, but don't forget to share your own ideas on our Instagram and Facebook pages - we love hearing from you.