Lemon Bomb

Lemon Bomb

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Introducing "Lemon Bomb" our new high strength limoncello. Weighing in at an impressive 40% alcohol (about 30-40% stronger than most limoncellos) this stunning lemony liqueur packs quite a bite. 

This is a 50cl bottle. Our ingredients are simple: Lemons, grain spirit, spring water, sugar and a whole lot of love! 

We launched "Lemon Bomb" at Tunbridge Wells Gin and Jazz Festival on 27th May and the entire run sold out within 24 hours. We're excited to officially make it part of our product range. 

Why not try our new cocktail "The Hepburn."

25ml Lemon Bomb, 25 ml Birch Gin, 150ml premium tonic water, ice and a slice of orange. Sensational!