Lemon Bomb
Lemon Bomb
Lemon Bomb

Lemon Bomb

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Just 4 Bottles left of the latest batch!


 Introducing "Lemon Bomb" our new high strength limoncello. Weighing in at an impressive 40% alcohol (about 30-40% stronger than most limoncellos) this stunning lemony liqueur packs quite a bite. 

This is a 50cl bottle. Our ingredients are simple: Lemons, grain spirit, spring water, sugar and a whole lot of love! 

We make 48 bottles a week and they generally sell out the weekend after bottling. This is probably the the freshest (and best) limoncello you will ever try. 

Why not try our new cocktail "The Hepburn."

25ml Lemon Bomb, 25 ml Birch Gin, 150ml premium tonic water, ice and a slice of orange. Sensational!    

Or as a desert:

1 ball of Hagen Daz Vanilla ice cream, fresh mint, fresh raspberries and top with a shot of Lemon Bomb. Let’s get the party started! 

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